Why the ant?

They live for their job, communicate via pheromones, collaborate, have the ability to solve complex problems and a tendency not to leave anything to waste. 

Fascinating Facts  

Weaver ants (aka green tree ant, gabo, or oecophylla smaragdina) are native to Australia, Asia and Africa.

They construct hanging nests by pulling leaves together and stitching them with silk. Workers form living chains to pull and hold leaves in position, while other ants bring larvae to the construction site, gently squeezing them to encourage silk production. 

Single colonies can grow to as many as 150 individual nests found in 30 or more adjacent trees and contain more than one queen. Colonies will communicate with other colonies to get things done.  

Over the past 150 million years ants have evolved into around 13,000 species: 772 in America, 50 in Britain and 1,250 in Australia.  Myrmecologists (ant specialists) are certain that thousands more are yet to be discovered. They also estimate their biomass is over 100 times that of humans. 

Ants' swarm intelligence has inspired many human endeavours including design, manufacturing processes, the internet and online communities. Their communities traditionally consist of foragers, nest builders, trash collectors.  If we take the time, we can see their stories emerge.