Sacred Scraps




Sacred Scraps Stories  

Every resource and object has a story. Sacred Scraps is a documentary series exploring the lifecycle of everyday things and the connections between resources, materials, people, places, technology and environment.

A collection of short stories features raw materials, starting with their creation or extraction, through the creative processes of design, making and manufacturing, to the end of their life and how resources can be recovered, re-visioned, reused or recycled. 

Sacred Scraps is a cross platform project using interactive illustrations, maps, data visualisations, mini movies, podcasts, and process pathways to tell stories online and in real spaces.  


Sacred Scraps Software

We don’t like waste. We love to share stuff. We have a thing for solving problems.  So, we’re building web applications and an online platform for people who design, make, salvage and restore to pass on knowledge, materials and resources.


Who We Are

Behind the scenes is a collective of makers, designers, and developers. We're collaborating with creative and cultural industries and resource recovery enterprises to bring Sacred Scraps to life.

Find out more about us at Nook Studios.